New Monitors

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

So I’ve put it off for so long, thinking I could get by with headphones (admittedly the Audio Technica M40X’s I bought are amazing – cheaper than the more popular M50X yet better IMO – a flatter frequency response) but as soon as I turned on my new monitors, I realised how wrong I was (Audio Technica’s are pictured below). Very wrong. If you plan on doing any mixing or mastering, get yourself a pair of decent monitors. I’ve gone for Genelec 8010s as they “fit” my set-up. I know, I’m breaking a cardinal rule by having my set-up in the corner of a room but that’s what I have to work with just now.


I initially had a pair of Adam A3X’s which were great, however they were too large and a tad boomy. The Genelecs are small and have adjustable controls to suit the room – perfect!

Unfortunately for some songs that were mixed some time ago and have a tad too much chorus on the guitars… I have lost the master files, so they’ll just have to do. I have a day job, you know! However it’s good news for tracks I’m currently working on.


Things I love about these are the size, the amazing sound (there is enough bass, believe it or not), the iso-pod feet (no need for isolation pads), the light weight, speaker grilles (to prevent cone damage) and the controls on the back (bass adjustment etc).


Here are pictures of my set-up!




Compare to the Adams A3X below (plus iso pads) and you’ll see why I’m preferring the Genelecs. The Adams were great, though – no doubt about it.






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