Slash & the Conspirators

Saw these guys last week and it was absolutely epic. It was at the SEC Centre in Glasgow. Opted to stand just outside of the circle at the front as have been tired of poor sound up-front at gigs and people causing a ruckus, and was rewarded which a very rich sound…


They played only one G N’ R cover (Nightrain) which I thought was a great idea. They are a band in their own right now, with so many hit songs – so I loved how they didn’t have to rely on “another band’s” songs. Everybody was on top form. Brent Fitz’s drum solo was epic. Todd Kerns nailed it as usual (great vox!!). Myles absolutely nailed the vocals and I could see his stage presence becoming more powerful. Frank Sidoris’ guitars complemented the legend himself… Slash was just out of this world. His solos were very tasteful… a flurry of notes at the right points but not all the time, which is important… as you can get note overload and it’s important to be able to distinguish what’s being played. I’ve seen him a few times now and this was the best. His playing is on another level regarding technicality, note choice, awareness of the sounds around him and trying out effects and fitting in sonically. Brilliant stage presence, as ever.

The band didn’t need any video gimmicks on screen. It was a raw band performance with the logo in the background and some choice lighting (the lights going off in time with the same lyric in one of their songs was awesome).

I hope this band just keep pumping out more new music and continue to do tours. Slash has been my inspiration since day one and continues to be my ultimate inspiration. The band are now something really special.






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