Yo homies.

Here are some teasers from my upcoming album (removed for the time being…):

On the album I perform all lead guitar duties, some drums and bass.

My co-conspirator, Paul Williams, has also contributed toward bass, rhythm guitar and drums on four tracks.

How did the album come about? Well I took part in a lot of music forums several years after picking up the guitar. It was a good time. I attended a few guitar shows and at one forum meet-up and general guitar jam for charity in Bristol, Paul Williams (bassist) proposed that we should write some tunes. So we did – across the great Scotland/England divide! And we played one at the next years’ meet-up. It was a time of great creativity for me and I look back fondly on those times – wishing I could go back and work at it even harder! That was many years ago and the tracks remained in limbo for some time. In the following years I participated in online collaborations and wrote several of my own tracks. Some were literally written in a few days and just had a fun feeling about them. Others were thought out a little more. I’ve always searched for the hook, the good tune… mess around on the guitar and then apply the theory. So now, many years later, I’ve decided to release the music to the world – tweak old songs, re-record some and even add the odd new one. It’s taking a lot of time, effort and money – but it’s my passion and it’s worth it. I’m learning so much.

One of the hardest things has been ditching songs that were not quite up to scratch. I literally have enough ideas for at least another two albums (and to give you an idea, this one will consist of ~12 tracks and be 50 minutes long). However, while music is my passion, it’s not my 9-5 job and so I will wait to see if there is any interest at all before pouring myself into the same sort of endeavour again. Here’s hoping some people like it. I did it for me. My one true passion in life. I wrote what I thought (to me) was great sounding guitar music based on the sounds and experiences I’ve had in life. There are so many unbelievably good electric and acoustic players these days – I wasn’t on a mission to try to be the best ‘this or that.’ I’ve just done my own thing and I hope you enjoy it.

I hope to release the album by the end of the year (2015). Fingers crossed and thanks for your support!


2020 note: clearly release didn’t happen in 2015 but I’m still working on it. Life got in the way…


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