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Van Halen / Rolling Stones

Sunday, October 17th, 2021

Well hello, it’s been some time! Despite having a “backlog” of about 40 more acoustic songs I could record on YouTube, I’ve decided to instead focus all energies into finalising the album. I am going to re-record a killer song of mine for it, and I am writing one last new acoustic piece, quite dark – this will prolong things a bit but I’m excited as it is all starting to sound very good.

In other news, I finished the below book which was based on Van Halen’s early days and can recommend!

Sad to hear about the passing of the Rolling Stones’ drummer I have been listening to some of Mick Jagger’s original work (really great stuff) and and I thought I’d share my favourite Rolling Stone’s song. This song is very “raw” and “rock” – love it!! I actually first heard this via Guitar Techniques magazine who had tabbed it out years ago.