Backstreet Boys

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

I’ve always quite liked a few of this band’s songs. Not very “rock” but good music is good music! Had a few friends round at my place the other day and decided to record a video last-minute. It’s not a work of art – just a bit of fun. There’s an audio edit in there you can spot if you’re sharp. Also mocked up a “bloopers” video with some of the fun “behind the scenes” bits!


Will be travelling to Skye soon and potentially have a fortnight in Argentina toward the end of the year, so will maybe try to get some good location-based videos (or at least a Beunos Aries Hard Rock t-shirt!). More videos to come in future (lots more) but lots of musical-related things happening means they might become a little more far in-between.






Some images from the day (minus the awesome food shots!):








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