My First “Proper” YouTube Video

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Watch it and weep:

You have to start from somewhere. I designed my logo. Then I got my intro video created. I created the video using my Canon G7X camera and recorded sound with my Zoom H2n. I then used Lightworks to edit the video and sync the sound up. It’s been a long process and I’m still scratching the surface, but I’m getting there… slowly…!

Although the amplifier could be a little louder this video highlights (hopefully) some of the differences between two sets of PRS pickups. It also shows off “The Royal Pair” nicely. And yes… that is the couch from the Coronation Street adverts! And yes… it is amazing!

–> Note I accidentally left the tone knob on the violet guitar (with the 59/09s) set to 60% throughout the video. I often do this to recreate the 57/08 sound from the 59/09s. Enjoy it for what it is and I’ll get a new video up soon…



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