Blast From The Past!

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Many moons ago, I used to take part in the Bath International Guitar Festival as a “monkey” helper. I did this twice and they were good times. Managed to see some great players (Paul Gilbert!) and met some great teachers and enthusiasts.

I managed to sit in on a few lessons by a great teacher from Newcastle called Jimmy Savage. At the end of the week we (a group of at least 10 guitarists) played Ice 9. You can hear my guitar in the foreground and also taking the first solo at 1:18. It’s not perfect, but it’s raw and honest.

So… head on over to the media page to enjoy! Or… check it out below:

I also just found this video from 2007! OK so it’s not spot on (good case of trying to play too fast without hitting all [correct] notes cleanly) but not bad for 8 years ago now – I think that was something like 5-6 years after I started playing. Must do an updated version at some point…! Oh and yes – it’s very dark!



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