Top Tip #2 – Practice, not Purchase!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

“GAS” stands for gear acquisition syndrome.

We all know the story about the golfer with the best clubs who can’t hit the ball. Hey, if he’s happy, then more power to him (or her!). But real power and fulfilment lies in mastering your art. So forget about purchasing the next big amplifier/guitar/pedal/spandex – it’s a distraction. The same goes for owning too many tuition books and never working through an entire one. Procrastination! Anything worth doing will require some serious time and effort so start focusing on the playing because like KISS say – “if you wanna be a singer or play guitar, man you’ve gotta sweat or you won’t get far, coz it’s never too late to work 9 to 5.” Ne’er a truer phrase was spoken (just amazing lyrics, honestly..!). If you don’t wake up each morning and think “phwoar, I really achieved something yesterday” then you’ve wasted a day that you’ll never get back. Work towards a goal. Some people are scared of the goal (as if it’s the end of the line and all they want is for the adventure to continue forever) but let me tell you, when you score one goal on the “guitar pitch”, the goalposts move and another pops up. Practice in small bite-sized chunks with a strong focus and maintain your passion for the music.



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